Haart to Heart
Highly Active AntiRetroviral Therapy to Highly Effective AntiRetroviral Therapy
A service designed to increase medication atherence in patients on HAART

HAART to HEART is an HIV medication adherence program developed at Dimock Community Health Center, in Roxbury, MA. The program is a multidisciplinary support structure with the goal of increasing medication adherence in HIV/AIDS patients in community health centers. Many of the adherence training and education materials used in the HAART to HEART program are contained in this site as is general information used to educate about HIV/AIDS.

This site was developed to provide information on HIV medication adherence for HIV support providers, peer advocates and HIV educators. It is not meant to be a medical reference for HIV/AIDS. As HIV/AIDS is a rapidly changing field, there is no guarantee that the information contained on in this site is the most current information available, although the site is regularly updated.


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